Think about the challenges that you are facing.

It is better to have a well defined problem, than unfocused worry. If you are clear about the nature and elements of a challenge, you are already on the road to solving it.

Start by writing down your challenges.

Choose just one important challenge that you, or your enterprise, is facing.

What are the secondary (associated) factors that connect to this challenge? Write down these factors.

By doing this simple process, you have:

1) Accepted that you have problems that need to be faced and resolved.

2) Started to think about the factors that associate with the challenge.

You don’t need to do anything else for the time being. Your mind will already have started to work in the background for you.

If you book Nigel for a creative thinking talk or training session, it is recommended that you / your team / the delegates conduct the above exercise, before you meet Nigel.

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