ideasCreativity is a vital professional skill. Life has a habit of continually throwing challenges at us, doesn’t it? Pure logic, however, can only take you so far.

Nigel Temple’s Creative thinking training for logical thinkers includes talks and in-house training workshops.

They take into account the logical mindset that is so predominant within Western thought.

Everyone has creative abilities. The challenge is to bring them to the surface in a productive way.

Coming up with creative ideas is a skill that can be taught. Once the ideas start to flow, confidence increases and more ideas arrive.

► The creative thinking process
► Logical thinking techniques
► Imaginative thinking techniques
► Creative thinking for teams
► Generating new ideas
► Overcoming mental blocks
► Creativity culture

Nigel puts the attendees at their ease and helps them to become confident and productive creative thinkers.

This is an enjoyable, thought provoking workshop or talk. Your organisation will benefit from new ideas and approaches.

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