Nigel Temple has taught creative thinking for for 20 years. As a parent of four (grown up) children, he knows how important creativity is for young people.

In the 21st century, creative thinking can help with many situations in within both private and professional life. Coming up with new ideas is a skill that can be taught. Once the ideas start to flow, confidence rises and more ideas arrive.

Nigel puts the students at their ease and helps them to become confident and productive creative thinkers. This is an enjoyable, thought provoking talk or workshop. The school and the students benefit from new ideas and approaches.

Each event is tailored. Here is a sample of the topics which can be presented:

Nigel Temple blue checked shirt► The human brain and idea generation
► The creative thinking process
► Logical thinking techniques
► Imaginative thinking techniques
► Creative thinking for groups of people
► Stories of great creative thinkers
► Mind Mapping for students
► Mental blocks and how to overcome them

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