Nigel Temple’s ‘Creativity as a way of life’ talk is an inspirational, thought provoking presentation.

It includes information on the following topics:
* What is creativity?
* Where do new ideas come from?
* What do creative people do differently?
* Happiness and creative thinking
* 3 things that you can start doing now

Are you looking for an original creativity speaker? Someone who will fire up your audience, engage with them and open their minds? Nigel Temple is an experienced creative thinking speaker who can change the way that people think and feel about creativity.

Nigel Temple delivering a talk

Nigel Temple delivers an inspirational talk and gets engagement

‘Creativity as a way of life’ is relevant to:
* Business people / professionals / staff who need to come up with new ideas
* Students who need to understand the importance of creativity in the 21st century
* Members of any organisation that is facing change

The talk can be used as an icebreaker, filler or keynote presentation. The length and tone can be tailored to the needs of the client and the audience.

Nigel has taught creative thinking for 20 years. He is an engaging presenter who can change the way that people feel about their creative abilities. This is the first step on the road to more ideas, faster problem solving and greater success.

Nigel can talk to audiences of any size. His presentations are memorable, fun and practical. They are packed with creativity stories, ideas and techniques. He is well know for his ability to make his audiences laugh – on the basis that learning and laughter go together.

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