For five years, my office was across the corridor from Tony Buzan’s office.

Tony was the inventor of Mind Mapping.

I learned a great deal from Tony and he was always a pleasure to talk to.

He kindly put one of my Mind Maps into The Mind Map Book.

Since I met Tony, I have always used Mind Maps and I offer Mind Mapping training.

Discover how to use Mind Maps for:

* Idea generation
* Problem solving
* Enhanced teamwork
* Presentations and talks
* And many other applications

The ‘AH HA!’ moment comes when a Mind Map helps someone to solve a problem or produce a new idea. This happens frequently during my training workshops.

Here is a Mind Map about branding:

Mind Mapping team training

Mind Maps can help your team to work better together.

They tap into the visual cortex so that team members can see things in a different way.

I have extensive experience of working with teams both in the UK and internationally.