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The human brain: 12 interesting facts

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Here are some interesting facts about the human brain:

  1. It has somewhere between 86 – 100 billion nerve cells (neurons)
  2. The human brain contains billions of nerve fibres
  3. It has trillions of connections
  4. Humans have a higher volume of neurons per cubic centimetre than any other animal
  5. We all use both sides of our brain on a continual basis
  6. We often have our best ideas when our brain is tired
  7. Meditation can help your brain to become more creative
  8. Your brain is about 75% water
  9. The human brain does not feel pain
  10. Stress can alter the size of your brain
  11. Learning new things changes your brain (for the better)
  12. New brain connections are created when you form a new memory
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