There are hundreds of thinking techniques that you can use. Some are perfect for ‘just you’, some are effective for team thinking. Some tap into your logical mind, whilst others use your imagination.

Try a few of them out and see which ones work well for you / your colleagues. If you work with Nigel, he will teach you a variety of techniques and explain how to use them in different circumstances.

There are techniques and approaches for everyone, for example:

* Logical thinkers (may be dismissive of new ideas)
* Negative thinkers (can be quick to find fault)
* The highly intelligent (over analysis) (but at least they think fast)
* Senior management (are they in favour of creative thinking?)
* Ideas people (may suffer from too many ideas / not finishing things)
* Groups, management teams, boards of directors (company culture)
* New team members (shyness)
* Youth versus experience (politeness, deference)
* The Expert (may not be open to contradictory ideas)

I am sure that you could add a few categories of your own.

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